Monday Funday

All I do
is cook and clean
when is there
time to act on dreams?

When lost amongst the dish suds
My other self gathers flowers in heaps
jete leaps
sails in waters blue
wearing glittering jewels

Women are such beautiful things
they are darkness
they are light
I am beckoned from the horizon line
to gather up and join the procession
those no longer baking the bread
washing the sheets
birthing the babies
...the cooking the cleaning the hiding the weaning
the whining
the judgements
the looks
the confinements

Asking elders what they did?
Oh, doll, you just wake them up
fix them up
prop them up
push them on
make the lines'
drive the cars
build the houses
rape the lawns

kiss the children
love them well
send them off
...to hell?

I stand by and wave
and smile
and lie
yes, life is difficult
suck it up, little one.
My little ones too?

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