4.30.11 For Sweetie

The sweet thing
all soft with life
when it broke free.
Eyes opened,
it knew what it knew
and that is how it was
meant to be.
Chirp, cheep, peck, peep
little souls
they followed me.
feathered fully,
eyes beaming,
and I knew I would never forget
the lives they lived
they wouldn't either regret
for being a bird allowed to live
is a lovely thing to be.


4.28.11 Bless Her

bless her
smiles through it all
has to do it all
with dust in her eyes
and rocks in the pot.
bless her
with child again
looking for little pieces
of life lost
of love
in a reflected sky
a puddle
me and you.


4.25.11 Me Mother Child

My mother
the child
I was never free to be.

striking out at the flies that flee.

can I find myself in the mirror,
I stand

Am I she who makes me
or something


4.23.11 Fast Pass Easter

come summer time
winds slowly blow
colors laying in the grass
awaiting chubby hands to pass
bunny's hop comes once this year.

A tear forms behind my lids
amid all the beauty
not much time left to love
    each day
not much love left for
he who maybe makes things this way.

Why some live without thinking
and some feel each moment?
A lucky passing of days
when life is not a lucky place.

Beauty found in quiet corners
other feet have passed on by
a golden treasure hidden
but finding it
trying it
takes learning.





it can be taken away.


4.21.11 Stuffs

Not upset am I allowed to get
but the crumpled up paper
I caught
and threw away for you.
Not supposed to speak
but the old shoelaces
and the empty soup can
the greasy paper bags
and the banana peel
yup, I caught those too.
I found spider webs
on an old sock
your t'shirt from college
discarded pepper stems
and seeds
and the straw wrappers and beer tops.
yes, lots of beer tops.
There were apple cores
paper clips
pencil erasers
wine corks
shoe grime mixed with some other slime
and the plastic off of dvd's.
I don't mean to keep a running tab
but sometimes it is all I have
and I wonder
when it is sunny
if I need to go to the market
and get some more trash bags
or shall I just remove the catchers mitt
and go hit the showers.


4.18.11 Mirror Maven

Barefoot in a whisper skirt
wooden beads blink
I've come through the doorway to hear
    to listen
        to think.

She looks like me
with golden eyes aglow
and I wonder
if perhaps
she's the me left long ago.

I smile
on the inside
placing words within her tune
but the time is not mine yet
to fill this empty room.


4.17.11 Cartoonish

The thought bubble above my head
shouts all sorts of things
that go bump and creep around
banging into unnamed objects with much sound
And I sit
to the wind
in and out of your mouth in rapid succession
creating characters with wigs and dangling rings
from ears extended
The thoughts in your head
-sans bubble-
overtake my hop, skip, jumps
don't stumble
they race into place
and find their way in
boring through bark
cracking through brick
(am I really this thick)
and then I look
that you've stopped talking to me.


4.16.11 Footsteps

My alibi,
My intent,
     trapped up within the silky spiders web I was
and who
am I
to complain?

Another day dawns and I am still here
to retrace the steps
     big prints within even bigger ones
but maybe
just maybe
the lilt and tilt of the earth
will shift a little something different
and yay
I will burn brighter.


4.14.11 April 15th.

Paper bits ripped and drifting
is it already that time of year?
Hair pulling leads to drinking
lovely tax time is here.


4.13.11 Another Day

a piece
of my heart
thrown outside
my glass-box world
damned if you don't
damned if you do
pick it up
will you?


4.11.11 Dawg Dawns

The covers
up to my chin
so cozy am I tucked in.

The night
well past eve
     morning is coming

lids heavy
limbs languid
thoughts gliding this way and that

then crack

sharpness invades my keep
the damn dog is not asleep

out he must go
so up I must get
and this is the cost of having a pet.


4.9.11 Green Light, Red Light

The car peels out with my heart inside
take care, will you?
I can not forgive that which has not happened
from entering the rocky terrain of my mind
but you can
make sure
my neurosis stays within its flimsy boundaries.


4.8.11 August

that place in my head
    a mixed up nursery rhyme of
    color and scent
closes my eyes when the order ricochets away
against dust of what was once brick and stone
    or all that time spent alone.

There is none to call after me
just the breeze at my back
a simple wind with complex thoughts
carried away
clawed away
but I didn't listen and turned
and burned
   but just a little.

So here we are on a sloshed up pier
full of pipers
and peepers
my heart so tiny
but beating
    in rhythm
with spiders and speakers.
I have eyes all over my head
and sentences made up from no milk and less bread.
I see what I see and do what I do
but who am I
who are you?


4.7.11 Weighted

eyes closed but still crumbs to the ground
burden on my back is growing
black cat crosses without a sound
moon through the leaves glowing

turn around twice and jump six times
life as you know it colors out of the lines
and that burden on my back is growing

rubber tearing up the black
jump out of the way or slide right in
no matter who I see
no one knows the trouble I am 'cause that burden on my back, yup, it's growing.


4.5.11 Stacey

What I miss most is when she smiled
       her eyes
they knew who I was
no explaining pretending
just me.

I think on her and wonder
is she floating?
Does she see?


4.4.11 Cosmopolitan

   I am
Found, you
   I am not.

    distance, ions
and dread in baggage


4.3.11 River Daughter

Saw you in the water today
fingers touch the ground
grains of sand swirling out of your hair
no thoughts from our troubled land.

I went to reach in
to your wonderful water world
my hand came up empty
and the ripples
   the ripples

They say you are a fairy's tale
the whispers through the trees
but I know things different
now that I've seen you.

Don't try to hide from me
summer can't stand still
I'll catch your thread one day
and jump into that water too.


4.2.11 At the Summit

like a pretzel,
woven in someone else's hands
I stand
    skirts flowing
but there is no wind.