Having Wings

I am at the rope.
Unable to see and content in this.
So, I listen.  I think.  I remain on tangents.

Then, a voice.
It says "What are you waiting for?" and I laugh.
Exactly this, I figure.
Then I go and it is wonderful.

Here, now, so long after that fact, I still wait for the voice.
I can be my own voice yet have fear.
In order to let go of my perceived security, all this stuff that seems real must be embraced
as the make-believe
which it is.
Only then will I be able to use these wings
which have been
so ever
at the ready.


The Corridor.

Was so totally depleted the last few days.  Un-enchantment growing.

Turned a corner after some quiet reflection thanks to music, writing, and talking with others. Seeing that corner now behind me helped recognize something which might be important.  For some people, when help is most needed, they might be completely unable to reach out.  Just slowing down for a few minutes to notice the way the leaves turn in the wind, the way the sun rises, the whole entirety of people on this planet that start out beautiful and free, living fully in the ability to hear, feel, see and communicate... If I did this more often, this slowing down, I might catch the eye of another person down a corridor.  I might see more and differently.

Hear. Feel. See. Communicate.  <3



Grown men
To the waters
And i
Amongst them
The glowing sky
Go to darkness.