Remember what it felt like – what it FEELS like to be that woman, that girl.
The daughter, mother, wife, woman, girl. Remember.
In tears and sorrow when no one wants to follow
your heart
is empty of causes
'cause you have no where to run to
until your ends have unraveled to reveal
threads of a thousand colors and fibers with which to renew
yours into ours
and we shall then follow
the strands down into the trembling hollow by her neck
for the moment between the beats
warm lips
tentative breath
and she smiles upon us.
Then, and only then shall the first words be written.


Fall Fog

Balk against the tasks that beckon
your back turned oh so slight
the weight
may take
your right to flight
always at stake.

Hide the key that turns the lock
lest no one find it and
your soul rot
sweep the crumbs under the sheet
my sweet
no one will see
'till morn'
that your son was born
and grows
under the setting sun
while you
under clouds