19) Build a mastermind group to share ideas with.

Yes, this.
Who else is in?

I wholeheartedly agree with most all, and practice most all.


Warrior Woman

I can lead a horse to water and get him 
to drink 
(and be awesome) 
but then he tramples the fountain. And excises the memory from his brain. 

It is a challenge I can only grow from, 
this I know. 

Then I remember the warrior I once was, 
with all of my witnesses 
they, who
-at the very least-
saw me experiencing it for myself
within my own skin. 
I treasure the good vibes from that trip. 
The physical challenges were not as hard 
for me as 
as acknowledging my audience. 
You did exist. 
You did see me being strong 
so I am strong. 


The Others, and Me.

How do I know if I am holding back something incredible that would help others find their way?
How am I so sure that I should be repressed and allow it for the concentration of my angst to set forth
in deeper rivulets
which could as well bring about greater good in the longer run
just trust that the path I am on is the right one because I am on it.
wishing there was something as easy as religion to fall on when the trust wanes
however, there is not.
There is just me.
And thank god (ha) for the woods
that I can climb through and find a path set by others for perhaps other reasons
yet there I am on it
and finding my way.
Amongst those others

all in a day.