So I know that I should be sleeping
and that the morning is sure and soon to come
and I know that there is no reason
however here I sit
thinking of the energy/connection/connectivity between people
whether I like it or not
and I think of a man purely from the standpoint of what I see reflected back at me
or what I feel when he is looking -or thinking -of me.
Am I right? I don't care.
It doesn't matter.

So, in this situation, I get up and text. He is nearby and I know it will be wrong by morning
yet I am compelled.
And so I set in motion a rolling that gets us within connection distance of each other.
Connection distance.

And, there I was
in the pond
in a boat
high and mighty
and gazing at the stars
food for the living night
in whatever shape or form it came in
and what I saw is unexplainable
and unable to be recreated
and mine
somewhere in the deepest recesses of my brain
whether or not I came home with damp feet
and breathless

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