Feb 2014 performance piece

Performance piece:

In a glass window 
like Bergdor'fs 
with music on and a crazy outfit and a glass of champagne
giving a lap dance to my spine and my seat to the beat

and I have drawn a crowd
as they draw me

and I have two younger gentleman
covering my faux pas
with sticky notes to the offending moment
exaggeration at my mortifications
((perhaps the scene calls to draw rosy cheeks and characterize - how blatant is one without the other?))

the piece is saying:  See this woman?  See this woman.
this is woman, see how raw and amazing?
Yet the is edited by whoever you, with viewers baggage.

((-make the two gentleman into anything at any time, they can be a different thing with a tip and top of their hat. simple as that.))

((cast differently for effect, seasons, occurrences, places in time.  styles of an era, attitudes, political performance....))

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