4.21.11 Stuffs

Not upset am I allowed to get
but the crumpled up paper
I caught
and threw away for you.
Not supposed to speak
but the old shoelaces
and the empty soup can
the greasy paper bags
and the banana peel
yup, I caught those too.
I found spider webs
on an old sock
your t'shirt from college
discarded pepper stems
and seeds
and the straw wrappers and beer tops.
yes, lots of beer tops.
There were apple cores
paper clips
pencil erasers
wine corks
shoe grime mixed with some other slime
and the plastic off of dvd's.
I don't mean to keep a running tab
but sometimes it is all I have
and I wonder
when it is sunny
if I need to go to the market
and get some more trash bags
or shall I just remove the catchers mitt
and go hit the showers.

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